WE ASKED: Etsy vs. Ebay

ginger rodgers helps us investigate
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We asked. You answered. This is the second post in our investigative series featuring YOUR thoughts on vintage, thrifting, and the thrill of the hunt. This week we wanted to know where you prefer to hunt for vintage online: Etsy or Ebay? Read our fans’ answers and voice your own opinion in the comments, below.

Where do you prefer to hunt for vintage online: Etsy or Ebay?

Melody Meiners :: I am not a vintage-hunting pro, but I have been looking for a piece of art for the baby’s nursery and have been pleasantly surprised by etsy… haven’t even run across anything decent on ebay.

FancyLuckyVTG :: Etsy for sure! It’s like shopping at a boutique compared to a mall.

Tamara Kingry Farnell :: generally ebay because I have been using for so long, but etsy is quickly growing on me.

Christine Bailey Claringbold :: Etsy!

VintageDaisyDeb :: etsy… love the set price format and it’s just a nicer place

warchildvintage :: ebay for clothes, etsy for accessories.

Amanda Cleary :: ebay.

Art_Deco_Dame :: etsy of course,shopping on ebay is like slumming it.

Tina Pfeiffer :: Etsy – biased since I sell vintage there! :)

LoLaVintage :: Etsy, Etsy, and Etsy. Ebay of course still has a ton of lovely dresses, but it is click thru hell.

mirthandwonder :: Etsy is better for general finds. Ebay is great for specific finds.

Loretta Owens :: Somehow, I manage to navigate the eBay search function more easily but I definitley prefer buying on etsy…better vibe and the people are so gosh darned awesome.

AshesForAsh :: etsy. better photos, friendlier

Lisa Graystone Hergenroeder :: ETSY

gggreenlight :: Ebay, for sure. Etsy is more “vintage with a twist”

buttercupkaren :: Etsy, hands down! Etsians put effort into creating a visually stimulating environment in which to shop. More eye-candy! :)

Margret Robbins :: etsy and I make a point to try and buy from there whenever I am looking

foulbrood :: ebay for items, etsy for clothes.

GGAVintage :: ETSY! Its so hard to find anything u want on ebay. Vtg is so much easier 2 navigate on Etsy. Also better pics & descriptions

Which do you prefer?

Courtney Chesley

As a fellow vintage addict, I think the thrill of the hunt is almost as fun as the find. My love for all things vintage stems from the stories these items hold. You can read my mind over at CourtneyChesley.com or follow what spews out of it while under the influence of high doses of caffeine and re-runs of This Old House on Twitter. I also write about STL Indie Crafts for the St. Louis Craft Mafia and Girls Guide to the Galaxy where I am a Crafty Goodness contributor. I make my own crafty goodness at TwIsTeD.


  • February 27, 2010


    I like both, but I have found more treasures on eBay, particularly because that’s the site I started with, and I am pretty good at navigating when looking for vintage threads. Once you become familiar with the words/terms people use to list their items, it’s pretty easy to score some sweet deals on there.

    This past summer I started experimenting with Etsy more, and everything I’ve found on there has been wonderful.

    It’s a toss up really. I’ve found things on eBay that I know i’d never see on Etsy and I’ve found things on Etsy, that I know i’ll never see on eBay. It helps though that you can sometimes negotiate the prices of some garments/items on Etsy.

  • February 27, 2010


    I added a lonnnngggg comment, I don’t think it showed up on this page. Oh brother.

  • May 21, 2011


    I like both but have found that Etsy sellers are much slower to ship or answer emails. When you purchase and pay $195 for an item, you hope they ship or respond to an email.
    So far, I have had better luck with ebay purchases.

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